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My name is Angeliqa, professional portrait and fashion photographer with a love for exploring.
It's not rare that you'll find me on a plane or train, looking for new people, countries and cobblestone alleys to inspire me. 
I have a special talent for finding structured walls, interesting backdrops and unique squares in the most unlikely places. I'm inspired by the human body language, feelings and culture. To produce the best pictures I consistently push myself to widen my comfort zone- to create in new ways. 

My most personal work is made in a foreign city somewhere far or close, together with a creative forcefield consisting of a team of inspiring people from all over the world. 

What's most important to me is to capture a feeling; A sense of time stopping. 
Telling a story is the reason I do photography. Whatever or whoever it is I'm capturing, I set the bar very high for myself and give my clients 110% of my creativity and energy.



Where you've seen me:


what can I do for you?

I photograph the world, with people in it. Whatever the mission, I will make sure your company's photos will stand out and draw people's eyes. Look at the categories below, or contact me using the form at the bottom of this page for more information.



Wether you're a company or a private person - A portraitshoot is a great gift to yourself, your girlfriend or a familymember.
I offer the finished packages below, or we can customise a package especially for you.


For the entrepreneur - Personal branding photoshoot

Whichever focus your business have, it's important to give a great first impression- show that you're a professional and that you care about your brand. When people see, like and are interested in your business - they want to work with you. To help you stand out and book more clients I'll deliver bright, sharp personal branding photos to make your brand shine and push your social media, website & image towards the professional look we're all after.

Your business is important and so is the portrait you choose of yourself for your brand. You are the cornerstone of your business and a selfie won't cut it.


For the company

I have worked with artists and businesses within the entertainment industry, financial businesses in Sydney and travel companies in Australia & New Zeeland.
Whatever your business is about, I will bring out the brightest parts about it and help you market your company, whether your product is music, theatre, investment, insurance or bungy jumping.

I take portraits, lifestyle photos or environmental images that create the image you want your clients think about when they see your name. I will work together with my own creative team, or with a team you assign to me, to create the best images possible for your company.
I have a studio available for portraits in Norrköping, Sweden, or will travel to work from a place of your choice.


For the independent designer

No matter if you're a well known designer, or a new designer - I'm here to help you make your work stand out from the rest.
I am used to working with professional models, make up artists and stylists and will shape the light to make your designs pop. 
Earlier I have worked with fashion designers in England, France and Sweden and I have no problem with traveling to new places to shoot. I'm full of ideas when it comes to choosing a location for your photoshoot. Together we will decide what will help tell your products story in the best possible light and environment. 


In my photos you can see environments around the world which have inspired me to create. People from different backgrounds, with different stories. People I feel a connection to. Portraiture in combination with editorial fashion & lifestyle photography is where my strength lies. 
My main inspiration is found within nature, landscapes, culture & human emotions. Through my travels, and visiting many new places, I have learnt to see pictures as movie scenes. Before I shoot I know the story I want the photos to tell and together with a team I create photos that bring out both the model, environment and feeling.
The retouching of my photos is natural and smooth. Our beauty is in our imperfections and I love to enhance unique traits in those I photograph

Q & A´s

How much does it cost To hire you?

I customise every shoot I do to the clients I work with. Everyone want and need different things with their images, so unless prices are stated or packages are shown, the price is something we agree on together. If you want to add something to your package, let me know and we will work it out together.
If you want to know how much your shoot would cost, send me a message using the form below.

I want to have my shoot in a different country, how does this work?

I am very used to traveling and love to shoot in new environments. 
Let me know which cities you are interested in and I will help you plan and find the perfect place for your shoot!
Additional traveling costs will apply when you book me for shoots abroad. 

Can I get all the photos from our session?

As a photographer my clients are the most important part of my business, therefore, I always go above and beyond to make you happy. However, if we don't have a contract stating that all the images should be included, you will receive the images we have agreed on.
I have worked long to train my eyes to see the most flattering images, it's part of my job to make sure I deliver the best photos from our session together. Therefore, images when someone blinks, when the light is not right or maybe just doesn't capture the feeling we were after, are ruled out.

I looked at your portfolio and I can see that you have photographed a lot of models, I'm not a model and I don't always feel comfortable in front of the camera, how does this work for you?

I have photographed a lot of models and it's a part of my business that I love to do.  However, I always adapt my shoot to the person I'm working with to bring out the best in every person. Your photoshoot will be uniquely sculpted for you and your intended outcome, we will make it so much fun that you'll forget the camera is even there! I love what I do and it has a tendency to rub off.

Still have a question or curious to book a shoot? Write me an email!

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